Why should you move your business to the Cloud?

cloud hosting

Cloud hosting has developed into a major paradigm through which businesses can maintain and grow their websites through on-demand access to computer resources over the cloud. In the digital age where every business is looking for ways to improve their online persona, cloud computing offers them a quick, scalable, and configurable way to get the necessary internet services with relative ease.

But web hosting goes much beyond just having a space to store the contents of a website. It should also provide you with all the tools that you require to make it stand out. It requires quite a bit of expertise to manipulate the code and mould it into something that not only attracts but also inspires so that it is worthy of representing you in the Online space. And that is precisely where you require the help of a web hosting service like Jachoos.

Jachoos is one of the best cloud hosting services in the UAE, with over a decade of experience and hundreds of satisfied clients. With a group of dedicated programmers, we provide an unmatched web hosting experience at an affordable rate. We provide worldwide unlimited cloud hosting from major cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, WordPress, DigitalOcean, Linode, etc. On top of helping you choose the best platform that fits your requirements, we will also assist you to set it up and maintain it.

What are the benefits of cloud hosting?

The word “Cloud” can be seen thrown around when talking about computing, but what exactly is it? The term “cloud” refers to all the things that may be accessed remotely over the internet. This includes both content and computer resources. And it is a given that hosting in the cloud gives the content more accessibility compared to one that is locally hosted. Similarly, a website can be hosted on a local server or a cloud server and cloud hosting gives a website greater accessibility and a wider platform for it to grow into. Not to mention the security and configurability that it offers as it is built on a more endurable framework. And that leads to the first benefit of web hosting,

  1. Reliability

When hosting a website, reliability is surely one of the main qualities to look out for. Unlike a locally hosted website that goes down if the server experiences any technical problems, in a cloud network if one server fails another will be there to handle the whole thing. And that is why it is important to choose a reliable cloud platform like AWS web hosting that promises a higher uptime.

  1. Flexibility

On a cloud server, the user’s demands may be readily changed or altered. Additionally, this kind of hosting is not reliant on the location from where a user accesses the cloud resources so, you get the same functionalities anywhere in the world.

  1. Scalability

Similar to what was said earlier, the location and its limitations do not matter in the case of web hosting. the servers can be endlessly upgraded with additional resources to meet a website’s growing demands. And the fact that it can be done with ease is an added benefit.

  1. Security

Natural calamities can potentially harm physical servers. They are also more vulnerable to online assaults. But in the case of web hosting, even if it is a cheap web hosting, the security that it provides is much better. And as there are multiple individuals responsible for the website’s safety it is unlikely that it is ever compromised.

  1. Support

Support is another major thing to consider while hosting a website. Most of the major cloud services provide round the clock support in case of any technical issue. Combined with the top-notch support provided by us at Jachoos, the user’s experience will be as smooth sailing as can be.

Based on these benefits, not to mention the countless others in favour of cloud hosting, it is safe to say that cloud computing is the future, and with a partner like Jachoos, you could grow your company efficiently and more productively.

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