Web hosting tutorial 1: Purchase your own unique domain name

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Google. Amazon. Microsoft. Just think about these names. I sighted these names just for a reference. There are numerous other names of businesses that acquired a lasting impression on us. These are not mere names anymore. These are brands. When you are trying to brand your business, always remember that the name has much significance. This is true, if you are going for web hosting as well. 

Your domain should be short, easy to remember, reflection of your brand and most important with appropriate domain extension. The major problem with this is availability. Since the number of websites is 199 million, getting a name with all these features will be difficult. Remember, this is the number of active websites. The total number of websites is at least 6 times this number. 

You can purchase a domain name only when it is available. Please note that the preferred name may be available with certain domain extensions. However, you are not supposed to choose a lower extension just for the sake of getting preferred domain name as per the standard practice. 

How to make a domain name purchase?




To start with, you need to register with a web hosting service provider. There are a number of options available to register for a domain. Each provider presents you varieties of package options. You may choose the package according to your business needs. If you are an entrepreneur and seriously looking for business and premium hosting services for your purchase, JachOOs is your place. However, for personal low profile needs I will not suggest them. 

JachOOs also provides all premium web hosting services. AWS cloud hosting price is comparatively higher than Microsoft web hosting price. GCS cloud hosting is even more affordable than Microsoft web hosting. However, AWS web hosting has many advantages including the number of data centers and experience. JachOOs provide assistance in selecting one for your business too. 

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Check availability

Once you sign up, check for the availability of your desired domain name. As mentioned earlier, domain extension is equally important as domain name. It determines the reputation of your brand. Don’t settle for any domain extension just because of the domain name availability if you are serious about your website. 

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Fix domain name and extension

While you search for availability you may come across your desired keyword but with a very high price. It is due to the fact that the domain name was purchased by an individual or an organization which they no longer use and put it for resale. Domain resellers do this intentionally as well.

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Set the parameters

After making the necessary decision regarding the domain name you need to set the other parameters such as years of service, domain protection, ownership details etc. and then proceed to purchase. 

Years of service can be selected according to your convenience. However, the longer the  service, the more economic it gets. Also remember the fact that the rates for the first year are normally lower than the renewal charges for successive years. 

Why is extension important?

Remember, some of the most reputed domain extensions are .com, .net, .org etc. are available for anyone with minimal conditions. Although, certain domains are not available for everyone like these. Some are reserved on the basis of location. While few others are reserved for certain services alone. 

Why is a unique domain name important?

A brand-centric world demands a brand-worthy domain name. Appeal and ease of use is important for names as well. For both the brand and domain. Domain name is something which should reflect your business. It is a perfect way to make the first impression. Also the name is supposed to stay as long as the business continues. 

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