WordPress 6.4: New Look On


WordPress 6.4: New Look On

Here is a good news for WordPress fans who are hungrily waiting for the release of WordPress 6.4 new update. WordPress has officially announced its launch date of the WordPress 6.4 version on November 7th, which is meshed with the Gutenberg version from 16.2 to 16.7. This is the third biggest update this year, which brings you the amazing features banging in to create and manage a website more effectively. Let us take a look into what exciting features and enhancements WordPress 6.4 holds to make everyone enthralled. 


New Default Theme: Twenty Twenty-Four 

WordPress has introduced a new default theme called Twenty Twenty-Four in the WordPress 6.4 version. This version helps to use eccentric style variations and brand-new design tools which are easier to customize and enhance websites. This theme is not like the usual blog theme and is incredibly adaptable with different patterns like portfolio, team, banner, and testimonials. This theme is a perfect fit for businesses, portfolios, and agencies. 


When you use this theme for the first, its homepage looks like a professional company webpage, where it shows what the business is about, its services, and a button to subscribe. It is a great help for people who are newbies to WordPress, where they can easily create content as there is plenty of placeholder text used for guidance. 


Use a Lightbox Popup to Enlarge Images: 

WordPress 6.4 has a mind-blowing feature called Lightbox, which makes image viewing more enhanced. They realized that the interface must be easier to use, and came up with a special setting panel specifically for an image block. For both global styles and block settings, an option called 'OnExpand Click' is available that allows you to use the Lightbox feature. The smashing part of the Lightbox feature is that, when you read a page and find an image, you can click on it and it will pop up to a larger image on top of the rest of the content. 


Image Block: Add Aspect Ratio 

In the previous version of WordPress 6.3, a helpful feature for the Image block was added which helped control the aspect ratio of the featured Image block. It was easier to choose the image regarding the size and ratio and how the image should appear. In the updated version of WordPress 6.4, this feature is taken and extended to the placeholder of the Image block. A placeholder is a place where you will later place your image. This extension also allows you to specify the aspect ratio for the image you want to add there. This is useful when you are designing patterns, particularly wireframe-styled patterns. These are layouts that you create for users to include their content. You can specify how images will look in these layouts by specifying the appropriate width and height. 


Group Block: Add a Background Image 

With the updated version of WordPress 6.4, you can change the names of the group of blocks, which makes it easier for you to arrange the contents. Another impressive feature is added as a background image to the Group block where you can choose the image or color you want to put in the background of your content, which gives an offbeat look to a specific page. The page looks even more attractive when this creative and customization option is enabled. 


New Blocks and Block Hooks 

WordPress 6.4, has launched three new blocks that make it easier to create content: the Table of Contents block for faster content creation, the Time to Read block for efficient content creation, and the Scrolling Marquee Block for attention-grabbing or announcements. But do not just stop there – developers can also use Block Hooks to add custom blocks that automatically do the actions and suggest them in the right context. So, if you do not want to keep searching for the right block, you can just add something like a login/logout link or comment block. 


Make a Pattern Category of Your Own 

Using patterns makes it simple to create pages by allowing you to modify parts such as testimonials, footers, headers, and more. Similar to the Site Editor, you'll get a simplified pattern interface for all site editing screens. The patterns can be categorized into groups like “Hero Sections,” “Callouts,” or “Navigation” which smoothens your workflow. The latest WordPress update has enabled users to save a significant amount of time and improve their workflow. This process allows for a tailored template workflow that is tailored to the user's creative process, resulting in a more efficient website construction and design 


Using JSON files to import and export patterns 

Additionally, templates can now be imported and exported as JSON files to ensure consistency with reusable blocks.  


Enhances Launch in a new tab Include in Link Previews 

Furthermore, the link preview has been improved to include a checkbox, making it easier for users to open links in new tabs. 


The latest update on the performance. 

WordPress 6.4 Offers multiple performance upgrades to facilitate rapid loading and faster site operation. With over 100 optimizations, this version of WordPress boasted the most speed and flexibility in its themes compared to other versions. A better user experience is achieved through the use of improved template loading techniques. 


Revised Command Palette  

The Command Palette feature in the previous version of WordPress has been revamped with new features to enhance its usability and user-friendliness. In addition to small design changes for better display, the Command Palette also adds new shortcuts to action blocks. Copy, convert, or remove popup blocks can be done without the need for a mouse. 

The WordPress 6.4 new look will be released on November 7, 2023. The release of WordPress 6.4 brings many exciting and useful updates, focusing on user experience, accessibility, performance, security, and developer support. With these updates, building and managing websites is now simpler and more fun.  








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