Why are daily backups necessary for a business website?

Anyone who has faced such a crisis know how scary it is? Without proper backups available, you will have to go through the entire task of remaking your website from the scrap.

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Without proper backups available, you will have to go through the entire task of remaking your website from the scrap.

Have you ever encountered a situation where, suddenly one morning your business website is no more live on the internet? This may happen because it has been hacked by someone, or someone has done a wrong update or even an unexpected crashing of the system or loss of system files. Anyone who has faced such a crisis know how scary it is? Without proper backups available, you will have to go through the entire task of remaking your website from the scrap. For business sites, this can also mean a loss of potential customers and reputation. This emphasizes the necessity of regular backups for a business website.

Importance of daily backups
Here are a few reasons that makes website backups important on a daily basis so as to avoid critical loss to your business.
Unforeseen Disasters – The ongoing pandemic crisis is a clear example of how unpredicted social happenings can affect your business. Every business came to a standstill and it was only those companies that had already embraced technological advancements that made remote work possible could survive. In the same way, both manmade and natural disasters like flood, fire, war etc can destroy your website files on the server and it is only through proper backups on cloud servers at different locations that your website can be restored at minimum time.

Cyber Threats – This is a very common issue faced by all websites, emails and business applications around the globe. Cyberthreats comes in the form of malware, ransomware, spam and much more. Website hackers will use your website as a medium to spread their malware to site visitors. In such conditions, the website will need a revamp for which it is necessary to have recent backup files.

Update Error – Website themes and plugins will undergo updates frequently and any minor errors in the same can cause changes in the website. In such cases, it is necessary to have a backup of the website to prevent downtime. Otherwise, it will affect the business by causing a decrease in the number of leads.
Network Issues – Technical issues in the server and network is a very common problem that causes websites to slow down or remain down for a prolonged period. Sometimes, in case of major complaints in the server, the entire data could be lost and without proper backups it can be a major loss to your business.

Benefits of daily backups

These are some major benefits of doing daily backups, if possible multiple times thereby ensuring website uptime around the clock.

Business continuity – Entrepreneurs know that the real success and profit of a business comes only in the long run and the main thing to do is to ensure business continuity. In this digital age, websites are a major medium to connect with your customers and if it doesn’t function without breaks or downtime, business continuity cannot be guaranteed. Daily backups can ensure optimum performance for websites at all times.

Reputation management – If a website remains down for a long time, customers who search for the website or click the link on search page will feel bad about the website and this will affect the reputation of the business in the long run and also result in a reduction of leads.
Customer retention – It is always easy to retain an existing customer than creating new ones. But this is possible only if a business can sustain the quality of service without lapse. A customer who visits a site and finds it down frequently may move on to other services, especially in case of ecommerce websites. So, backups help to make a website live immediately in case of any crashes.

Website ranking – Website ranking is very important for getting leads online and is a major concern for businesses. It takes some time for a website to rank on top of the search page and if a website remains down for longer periods, the ranking will automatically come down creating great loss of ROI. Regular backups can be a good solution to prevent downtime for extended duration.

Keep your website safe with 4x daily backups
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