What makes WordPress the Bloggers’ Platform of choice?

Blogging has become one of the most popular ways through which individuals express their thoughts, ideas, and opinions. With the popularity of blogging, a number of platforms have emerged, but WordPress stands out as the top option chosen by bloggers. WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS), that powers more than 40% of all websites on the internet and provides users with a powerful platform to create and publish content. Being extremely user-friendly and offering a higher degree of customisation, compared to its competitors, WordPress is likely to stay at the top for quite a while. WordPress hosting has a significant part in making the company what it is today, and in this article, we will be looking at what are the factors that attract bloggers to this platform. Additionally, we will be looking at how Jachoos can help you create and host a website on WordPress.

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  1. Ease of use

WordPress is known for its beginner-friendly and highly customisable interface. Anyone with just the basic knowledge could easily start an account and if needed select one of the website templates to start blogging. This get-up-and-go kind of structure is attractive and approachable to budding bloggers who want to start right then and there. The layout of WordPress is similar to that of a social media page where you can, from your dashboard, create and share posts. Unlike many other similar platforms, WordPress does not require users to have any coding experience in order to construct a website. It includes a selection of plugins and themes that can be used to improve the blog's functionality. And as you grow, you can hire a web hosting company like Jachoos to elevate your blog to the next level.

  1. Customisability

As mentioned earlier WordPress is a highly customisable platform and includes countless themes and plugins to get you a well-rounded canvas to start with. It comes with thousands of themes preloaded and ready to use, if unsatisfied with the given options, you can further customise them to make it to your liking. Additionally, WordPress offers numerous plugins to add new features to your blog.

  1. Seamless Hosting

WordPress’s in-house hosting service, WordPress hosting, makes it a breeze to launch and grow a new website. Because it was made for WordPress websites, the hosting experience is intuitive and efficient. WordPress being a content management system built on PHP and MySQL, requires certain server configurations to perform at its best and as the hosting service was tailor-made for it you can ensure the smooth functioning of your website.

  1. SEO-friendly

Search engine optimisation is one of the most important things to keep in mind while building a website. A well-optimised website can rake in thousands of visitors to your website without much effort. WordPress is well-known for its SEO-friendly nature, and this will help your website in ranking high in search engine results. Combining this with the unlimited WordPress hosting that Jachoos provides, you can rest assured that your content will reach the people who need it.

  1. Secure

Security is another primary concern when it comes to building a website. WordPress has you covered on that front as well with regular mandatory security updates and patches.

  1. Scalable

As your blog grows, it might need to be upgraded to accommodate the increased traffic. With WordPress hosting, you can easily do that and more securely. Starting with a basic plan, you can upgrade to a more advanced one as needed. This makes WordPress hosting a fantastic option for new bloggers who wish to have the freedom to expand their websites over time.

  1. Support

WordPress has good customer support that can help you with any and all of your queries. WordPress is so popular that there is a huge community of developers behind it who are well-equipped to get you out of any corner you are stuck in. With Jachoos web hosting services, you will get an additional unparalleled support system that will guide you through each and every step of troubleshooting and problem resolution.

  1. Cost-effective

WordPress offers one of the most cost-effective plans compared to its competitors. Making it the best option for bloggers who wish to start small and grow from there.

All the above-mentioned factors make WordPress a no-brainer for budding bloggers who wish to make their voices heard all over the world. Combining it with Jachoos’ unlimited hosting, you can confidently aim for the stars.

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