Cloud Office


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Cloud Office

Manage your business files on the cloud. Backup your files and access worldwide with UNLIMITED storage

Features of Cloud Office



Unlimited data storage drive with sharable option for other staff members or friends for data storage. Easy backup for servers and other backup softwares to manage your backup on cloud.



Easy-to-use web-based and mobile applications streamlined by major cloud providers to work on business files and unlimited data storage and backups..



We provide unlimited cloud storage services from major providers like Google Cloud with business benefit features.

Store your business files on unlimited cloud storage and share with all other members. Take backups of all your computers.

CloudOffice allows you to have a cloud storage drive under Google Drive with unlimited storage. You can keep all your business documents managed from anywhere, share with others with view/edit permission set. Create Google accounts for all your members from the same domain or using any email accounts. Create a separate folder under storage drive and share with each member with view/edit permissions to them. They will get a folder with unlimited storage on each account managed from your central cloud account.

Sync all your files from your pc, make backups of all the computers under your network under single cloud storage drive managed centrally. Rename your computers under the cloud drive for easy identification. Create new shared drives and share with others to store their backups. Make backups of servers to sync/store under unlimited cloud drive.

Take CloudOffice for a test drive

Sign up with email address to get started. For premium business accounts, we’ll help your team get set up with your own domain name.

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