All About Green Hosting or Eco-Friendly Hosting

Websites are designed to extract a great deal of energy from our earth.

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JachOOs, one of the top web hosting services.

Climate change is the most threatening phenomenon of this era. The advent of computers and the internet created a huge impact on the ecological system and environment. Websites are designed to extract a great deal of energy from our earth. They are hosted and stored on big servers and massive data hubs. User-generated content is evolving day by day and is hosted on large servers. The servers must be operated in cool surroundings. The process of cooling also needs a vast amount of energy. Fossil fuels like coal and gas are used to generate this electricity which emits Carbon dioxide (CO2) on a large scale. This is very dangerous to the people and environment. 2 percent of the world’s carbon emissions are estimated on the account of these data hubs. This scenario is going to increase dangerously in the coming years as people are becoming more tech-centered. It has already started making adverse effects on both humans and the ecosystem. So, it’s high time that we should find out new methods to tackle this problem and save our environment. It is essential for the quality of our living and also our duty towards future generations.

The Sustainable Practices in Hosting

We should go wiser to switch to more sustainable hosting practices in these testing times. There are many environment-friendly energy providers which can be used for hosting. Green Web Hosting or Eco-friendly Hosting is a good alternative method for this situation. It is an eco-friendly initiative by web hosts to alleviate its impact on nature. The first step towards it is the use of renewable energy sources like sunlight, wind, tides, and geothermal heat. They are produced and replenished naturally resulting in clean energy and no harm to nature. It has so many advantages like free website transfer from your current host, free domain transfer, free daily backups, unlimited phone and online support, enhanced security, spam-free email, etc. Another popular way to offset carbon emissions is to collaborate with charities and organizations to plant trees around the world. They can focus on the most needed areas too.

Types of Green Certifications

Web hosting companies can purchase Renewable Energy Certificates (REC) from the companies that specialized in renewable energy. So that they can certify that they also took part in the process of generating some amount of renewable energy. Apart from REC, there is another option called VER (Voluntary Emission Reductions), which is a type of carbon offset. It certifies the reduction of greenhouse gasses in an equivalent amount. By possessing such certificates, web hosting companies can go green more and do their part in saving our environment. Hopefully, such initiatives will flourish in the coming decades as we are confronting more threats these days. We all must not view it as a task or burden, but as our essential duty towards Mother Nature, our ultimate abode.

Leading Web Hosting Provider

JachOOs, being one of the top web hosting services, has collaborations with large cloud infrastructure providers like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon. All three of them are supporting Green Hosting big time. Google has announced their 100 percent achievement in renewable energy across all of its operations including its data centers. Microsoft has 60 percent and Amazon has 50 percent renewable energy achievement. It’s a notable and proud step for JachOOs to join hands with such big shots that encourage Green Hosting.

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