Why do Developers Love Linode Cloud Platform?

Linode is a cloud hosting company that specialises in Linux-based virtual machines that can be used to run a wide range of applications.

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In terms of latency reduction and user experience enhancement, Linode server locations are suited for serving a global audience.

Linode is a cloud hosting provider that specializes in offering Linux-based virtual machines that may run a variety of applications. Many experts believe it is not beginner-friendly due to its origins. Linode was regarded as ahead of its time with virtualized hosting when it first launched in 2003. It has evolved into a global enterprise with 800,000 consumers in 196 countries. Linode server locations are optimized for serving a global audience in terms of latency reduction and user experience enhancement.

History of Linode

Linode was invented by Christopher Aker and is a mix of the phrases Linux and Node, which are both dev-oriented keywords.
Salesforce.com revolutionized the way organizations and communities interacted with computers by introducing the SaaS model in 1999. Users were able to scale resources as needed thanks to the newly discovered capacity to virtualize hardware in the cloud. Salesforce used cloud computing to disrupt the $3.3 billion CRM sector, while Amazon used cloud computing to disrupt the retail ecommerce industry, forever altering the global economic landscape.
It was very expensive to construct your cloud infrastructure. Salesforce was able to raise $64.4 million in order to meet its targets. The same may be said for Amazon. Companies needed a lot of cash and a lot of technical know-how to reap the full benefits of the cloud.
The cloud industry did not have the option of being available to the average user/developer back then. While Salesforce and Amazon built their cloud environments to meet their demands, the open-source Linux operating system asserted its dominance in the server software business. A technology dubbed user-model Linux was created by Jeff Dike, a long-time Linux contributor (UML). Users were able to create a virtual machine within a Linux operating system using this technology. Christoper Aker was one of the developers.
He had an idea thanks to Dike hypervisor technology. Instead of attempting to create the next Salesforce or Amazon, he intended to make cloud computing simple, affordable, and, most importantly, available to developers regardless of their location or resources. The Linode company was founded as a result of the emergence of such a concept. Linode's business DNA is based on the mission and belief system of making things more affordable and accessible to everyone.
You might be thinking why developers would choose IaaS cloud providers in a world full of them. It all boils down to the value Linode provides for their projects for many developers.

Benefits of Linode

Cloud Computing at a Reasonable Price

Linode's corporate DNA is based on affordability, and as a result, they were the first to propose a flat pricing model for cloud computing. Their motto "no calculator necessary" established the concept of straightforward pricing. They are still keeping their commitment today by making pricing simple for all users.
Award-winning Customer Service

Even though it provides cloud services at a low cost, their customer service is excellent. Linode provides many levels of assistance for users to choose from in order to fix their problems.
Powered by Linux

Linode began as a developer-focused brand created by developers. Its purpose is much the same as Ubuntu's: "for developers, by developers." According to a survey of developers, 83.1 percent favor Linux as their development and deployment environment. It's a great option for developers who want to work with an end-to-end Linux application workflow.

Linode Platform at JachOOs

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