Why cloud hosting is a big success among enterprises?

Cloud hosting has been a great success during recent years as a technology because of its simplicity and convenience.

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If a company wants their IT staff to focus on other vital tasks such as technology innovation

Cloud hosting has been a great success during recent years as a technology because of its simplicity and convenience. Cloud hosting, which is also distinguished as infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and Software as a service (SaaS) offers a central location for storage, access and transfer of data between all devices connected via internet. When an organization is in doubt about investing in an IT department, or if a company wants their IT staff to focus on other vital tasks such as technology innovation, cloud hosting can be the optimal choice.

Key benefits of cloud hosting

Cloud hosting allows your company to build better collaboration amongst your employees working across various departments, different places and even distinct time zones. The cloud server stores and backup your data instantly, making it accessible to your staff from any location. Teammates can coordinate their work in real time on the same file. Cloud hosting has made it possible to manage various tasks and projects seamlessly without relying on multiple copies.

Cost savings:
Another important benefit of cloud hosting is cutting down the expenses with regard to maintenance and management of IT infrastructure. It allows you to leverage any amount of hardware and software resources without the need to build it on-premise. This is by accessing the resources stored on the cloud datacentres managed by third-party providers, via internet. This will help you to eliminate the cost needed for infrastructure purchase and management, labour cost for IT staff, power supply charges and other delays that can happen due to lack of resources.

Vast resources:
Cloud gives companies an opportunity to leverage vast amount of resources that otherwise can’t be accessible to small companies or start-ups. You can easily access hundreds of applications and software including ERP that will help you to connect seamlessly with customers, staff and vendors, and also simplifies other tasks like human resources, accounts, payroll, marketing, logistics and sales by bringing huge profit to the company in the long run. Transition to the cloud offer you access to a large number of applications that together can make your business more successful.

Better Security:
It is one of the most important aspect as far as a business is concerned. A business can never move forward by compromising on their data. Any type of data loss or data leakage can affect the reputation of the organization. Also, it is essential to protect business websites and emails from all kinds of viruses and threats. Cloud computing offers a perfect platform to store your data and resources like websites, emails and applications without being accessed by third parties, who don’t have permission. Cloud is one of the most secure environments to store data because it is continuously monitored by experts. For example, even if someone steals your laptop, they won't be able to access your data without your cloud account login. The data is within that account as opposed to on your hard drive. Also, in the case of a fire or natural disaster, cloud offers secure offsite storage of your data, since its servers are at a separate location from your business.

High Flexibility:
The major highlight of a cloud-based work environment is the flexibility that it offers. It doesn’t limit your business and work to a particular space or time. Business can happen from anywhere at anytime with employees and management working from distinct locations. Remote work has been made very easy with the intervention of the cloud in organizations. It provides a virtual space from where all kinds of communications and collaboration can happen seamlessly without any insecurity from unauthorized sources.

Small businesses and start-ups usually have a smaller number of staff and they may also find it very expensive to build huge infrastructure that can manage their IT needs. However, no business today can survive in this digital era without necessary IT support. So, cloud hosting is the best option for them to manage their business easily without setting up a datacentre or recruiting an IT team. JachOOs is one of the most established cloud hosting providers in Dubai offering unlimited cloud hosting on cPanel with multiple daily backups and advanced security. Visit our website for more information on various cloud hosting plans at affordable price.

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