Persistent Storage: What is it? The types of persistent storage

Any data that has to be reused can be stored in persistent storage.

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Protecting your business and customers' data is always of utmost importance.

Any data storage system that keeps data after its power is turned off is said to be using persistent storage. It's also known as nonvolatile storage at times. Persistent storage in the context of containerization refers to storage volumes that are accessible after a container has stopped running. These volumes are typically connected to stateful applications like databases. Ephemeral storage volumes, which are linked to stateless apps that live and die with containers, can be contrasted with persistent storage volumes.
Types of Persistent Storage

Any data that has to be reused can be stored in persistent storage because it is built to endure without the aid of any currently operating instances. Reuse may occur by various instances or after a particular instance has expired.


They are a completely distributed storage solution that may be used to store any form of static data or binary object, including media files, sizable datasets, and disc images. Containers are a component of the OpenStack object storage service (open stack-swift). Utilizing containers, the solution arranges these items. The objects contained in a container can be accessible via the object storage REST API, even if a volume's contents can only be accessed through instances. As a result, practically any services in a public or private cloud can use the object storage as a repository.


a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) product, OpenShift uses Kubernetes to organize the deployment of containerized applications across a cluster. It is based on the Docker container packaging standard. Before they could be used by an application, storage volumes formerly required to be manually reprovisioned and registered as Persistent Volume (PV) objects. The specification of a provisioner that generates storage volumes for applications on demand is made possible by Storage Class objects.

Key Features
Block storage with high performance for every workload

Performance of persistent discs scales with both disc size and the number of vCPUs in your virtual machine instance. Select the disc performance options that best meet your company objectives, and only pay for the storage you really use.

Durability and accessibility that keep your business operating

Persistent Disks have a long lifespan in mind. To guarantee the highest level of data integrity, we automatically save your data twice. We make sure your data is accessible and your organization is unaffected, whether you're concerned about scheduled maintenance or unforeseen outages.

Automatic security and encryption

Encrypt data automatically before it leaves your instance to go to persistent disc storage. Every Persistent Disk is still encrypted using either system-defined or client-supplied keys. For the highest level of protection, Google spreads Persistent Disk data across numerous physical discs. We throw away the keys when we delete a disc, making the data unrecoverable.

The Benefits
Easy to scale and implement block storage

Just discs, no volumes, striping, or sizing. Put an end to the hassle of dealing with sub volume management, redundant disc arrays, or partitioning. Adjust the scale as necessary, and only pay for what you actually use.

Leading-edge pricing and performance

When bulk throughput is crucial, HDD provides affordable storage. SSD provides consistently excellent throughput and random-access workload performance. The maximum size for both categories is 64 TB.
Flexibility that is available 24/7

Connect several persistent drives at once to Compute Engine or GKE instances. Set up prompt, automatic incremental backups or quickly increase or decrease storage without impacting your application.

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