Web Hosting Tutorial 3: A Critical Review for Compatibility

Web Hosting Tutorial 3Once you are all set with the web hosting service, don’t think that your responsibilities are over. As a business owner you need to monitor whether the website and services are going fine with your business needs. Especially after the first time installation.


This review suggestion has nothing to do with reliability of the service provider you chose. Even if you choose the most reliable hosting service provider, chances are the elements of the hosting service they choose are not very well compatible. And, it is quite possible. No two businesses are exactly the same.


When you select hosting, no matter whether it is an on-premise or a cloud web hosting, what you can do is compare with previous models to choose the service elements. It is not necessary that everything you selected will come to use. Also, no one can guarantee everything you need is selected. You will have a clear idea on this only after the implementation and testing.


5 Things to Test in a New Web Hosting

After getting a new website and hosting services, keep monitoring your hosting service with the following elements. You are requested to record this information before going for any upgrading. For this, you just make sure the data you collect will answer the following five questions.


How Much Uptime?

Websites require being active all the time. Of course, while choosing a website, you might have confirmed the uptime promised by the provider. Yet, you need to track the hosting data after availing the service. Take a note of the actual uptime and compare it to the promised uptime. Also, check whether your website performance is affected by the uptime in reality.


Full Secured?

Indeed, security is the most sought out feature when you look for web hosting. And, there is very less chance you will mess up on this. However, it is not necessary that every security feature is in place when it comes to a real case scenario. It is quite possible for a new website to experience a cyberattack or attempts for phishing especially if the SSL and email protection is not in place.


So make sure the SSL certification is the latest and updated one.  Also, track the performance of your email protection as well. Make sure the SSL (or TSL) certificate and email protection is compatible for your particular business need and they serve the purposes without any minute failure. And, other security features also should be capable of defending any threats, even the most advanced ones.


Serving as Promised?

Apart from the security features, there are other features essential for a website to perform and invite traffic.  According to the website purpose it can range from simple chat options to ecommerce and email marketing options. All of them may not be required for your business. And, you may be missing some of them too. Exactly due to these reasons, the reviewing of these extra features are necessary. After all, you don’t need to pay for anything that you don’t use at all.


All Needed? or All Available?

This is actually the continuation of the previous point. Since the hosting services majorly come in packages, chances are high you might opt for one such package in order to avoid the hassles of customization. Especially when you are having a new website and it’s your first time.


However, on the go, as you gain more experience on this you can have a clear idea on the exact requirements of your website. For this you should track the website features and performance thoroughly. After enough tracking, you may make a list of all the apps and the records of their usability. Also, you need to identify the gaps in the performance. Thus you can get rid of the unwanted features as well as add the required one in the next upgrade.


How fast?

When it comes to experience, the first thing any customer would notice is the loading speed. No matter whether they are technically sound, speed issues are easily identifiable. Even though speed depends on various factors, hosting parameters are major among them. So, it is your responsibility to deliver a fast experience for the customer by making sure the web hosting parameters are at place. If not, make a note of it and ensure the speed in the next upgrade.


An Inevitable Step

Monitoring your website and tracking the performance is as important as the first two steps. Of course, this is something ignored by the majority. Even with the best web hosting service provider, being a business owner, you have to do the tracking part or hand over the task to any experts.

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