Web Hosting Tutorial 2: How to Choose the Best Provider?


Web Hosting Tutorial 2: How to Choose the Best Provider?

Domain name purchase is just the beginning. You need to do a lot more to start with your web hosting for a purpose. After choosing the right domain name, the next major step is to find a hosting service provider. To choose a reliable web hosting service provider, you need to consider and take care of a few things.



Step by Step: Choosing a Web Hosting Provider

Here I am trying to give you an idea on how to proceed when you are in need of a hosting service for your business website. Especially if you are an absolute beginner in this area. You may consider this step in the right order or not. But, make sure to consider the pricing factor last for which the reason is mentioned at the end.


Know your Needs

You must have a well-defined idea on your needs. It is always better to have the requirements documented. Make sure you are going through the requirements repeatedly until the final stage of choosing the hosting service provider. You may not be a business owner who needs the best hosting service provider Dubai has.


Your website requirements are related to the business needs itself. You may prepare for the requirements at the present. Since almost all the hosting packages, irrespective of the providers, are coming with features of scalability. So, you don’t need to worry about the possible business expansions that are going to happen in a later period.


Choose the Type

You know your business needs better. However, it is not necessary for you to know the website needs as well. There is a high chance that you are a normal business owner with limited knowledge in website and hosting. So, choosing the type should be after discussing with any IT consultant Dubai beholds, with a proven record in expert web hosting services.


The types of hosting to choose from are dedicated hosting, shared hosting, Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting and cloud hosting. Dedicated hosting, as the name indicates, provides a dedicated server with fixed storage and RAM to run your website. In shared hosting, the server is shared between more than one website but accessed by separate accounts. The resource parameters are not fixed in a purely shared hosting. VPS can be counted as a cross-breed of both dedicated and shared hosting. The server will be shared but with fixed storage and RAM.


Cloud hosting is entirely a different realm. This is also known as public cloud hosting as the server is essentially a publicly available cloud storage. However, a separate cPanel is set up for each account and the access is controlled by authentication.

List the Providers

Hosting providers are many, including big names like Amazon, Google and Microsoft. You can avail varieties of services according to the needs. Indeed, there are services bundled as packages for your convenience. Still, you may decide not to choose one single package and select services separately.


What you need to do is choose only the providers you will consider according to the budget. Then make a list of available packages according to your requirement. It is better to list only packages if you are a total beginner in order not to miss out any essential services.

Compare Security Features

Security features are something you need to consider separately from every other specification. Have an analysis on the packages you selected. Identify what all features are included in the security. Have a comparison. While comparing, also include the validity of security and terms of security updates too.


Collect & Compare Spec Data

Once you have a shortlist based on the security options and terms, take each of the other features and specifications. Then list them according to your priority. The features like business email hosting, storage and uptime are from the top priority category. If you are not sure about what to be prioritized, always seek help from an IT consultant of a reliable hosting service provider.

Compare Pricing

And last but not the least pricing. Yes, I put price comparison towards the end for a reason. Website hosting is not a temporary use and throw service. It should be chosen with all necessary parameters intact.


Once the parameters are considered and a shortlist is made with that, you may compare the price. Otherwise, there is a chance you will compromise some feature for price. Especially if you are an absolute beginner with limited knowledge in hosting.


Web Hosting is Key, Choose Wisely

When you want to run a website for the business, the reliability and features like uptime are to be considered seriously. Providers are available in all ranges. Choose according to your business. Also, don’t compromise on any of the essential specifications. Always seek assistance of an expert in choosing the hosting provider.

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