Your own web server, fully managed by JachOOs®

WHM/cPanel Dedicated Cloud Business Servers

Upgrade to a dedicated WHM/cPanel web server, in the location of your choice worldwide. All from top class datacenter providers like Google Cloud Computing, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, DigitalOcean and more. 

We manage and monitor it like with any of our business web hosting plans, so you get cPanel/WHM, twice daily backups, automated malware patching, and so much more.

Your Own Fully
Managed Web Server

We provide a fully managed dedicated server environment on top of the cloud infrastructure of major global technology giants. JachOOs managed servers are the simplest way to host your websites on Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud. We take care of all the configuration and maintenance so you can focus on your website and business. We will even migrate in your websites.

Instant Setup

Automatic deployment and installation, we'll make your server run as soon as you place an order. It takes about a short period of time for us to prepare your server and get the login details to you. If you have migrations for us to do, we can get started within the hour.


You can manage your sites using simple and powerful cPanel/WHM interface. Auto-install 420+ applications like WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Prestashop and many more. Caching features like Redis, Memcache and LiteMage can be added.

Worldwide Locations

We can deploy your server on worldwide datacentres around the world. You can choose the location closest to where the majority of your website visitors are. If global, choose a hub like New York or London, and pair a CDN like Cloudflare's free plan; we can help you configure it.

WHM/cPanel Server Packages

JachOOs cloud hosting is built on top of large Cloud infrastructure providers, including Amazon Web Services, Digital Ocean, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

Managed By Cloud Expert Engineers

All servers are managed by a special team of cloud expert engineers from UK. We run a deployment stack of Terraform and Ansible to ensure complete consistency across our entire server estate. That means you get all the benefits and power of public cloud combined with our experienced management, monitoring, software, and backups.


As standard every server includes free, twice-daily backups to an offsite location. We provide the JetBackup interface to enable you to restore from any restore point in the last 30 days. Made a big mistake on your site? Files, databases and entire accounts can be restored in just a couple of clicks and within minutes you can be back to where you were.

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CloudLinux isolates accounts and provides a CageFS mounted file system to stop privilege escalation attacks. Imunify Web Application Firewall protects against common scripting attacks including XSS, SQL injection and others.

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Redis & Memcache

Redis and memcache can be added on all dedicated environments, to enable you to speed up more complex websites like Magento and WordPress with WooCommerce.

Full Monitoring

Every server is fully monitored across a range of services and metrics, so our team is alerted instantly in the event of a problem with your server or your website

SSL for All Domains

Automatic SSL certificates are included for every website and sub domains added. Entirely free and fully automated!

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Host multiple websites

Run one large site or multiple small ones, all securely and reliably. Due to licence restrictions, please contact us if you want to run more than 200 websites on one server.

Unlimited email accounts

Unlimited e-mail accounts included with every package. Connect from your desktop, phone, or use the included webmail.

Unlimited data transfer

No limit to the data transfer you can use per month. As long as your server is used for web sites, it will be perfect under our support and management

Unlimited free migrations in

Our in-house migration team will move your websites to our platform free of charge. We'll also help with emails and domains.

Custom firewall rules

We include sensible defaults to protect your server from common attacks. We can fine-tune your configuration and provide private networks in between our servers.

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PCI Compliant

All levels of PCI compliance are catered for. Please contact us to discuss which self-assessment you require. We will work with your scanning vendor at no extra cost.

1Gbit/s Network Port Speed

All servers are connected at 1Gbit/s - no waiting for uploads or connections.

Powerful web hosting technology

JachOOs cloud hosting is built on top of large Cloud infrastructure providers, including Amazon Web Services, Digital Ocean, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon is the industry leader in cloud infrastructure, setting standards for others to follow. A premium provider, they provide a large number of locations from which to host your server. Their cutting edge infrastructure means you'll benefit from Amazon's underlying technology that powers the world's largest eCommerce store.

EC2 Infrastructure
Amazon EC2 is the world's largest and most well-known cloud platform. Originally developed to offer developers and other companies access to Amazon's world renowned infrastructure, its use has far surpassed this now and it is now the industry leader in cloud technology.

No Complex Interfaces
Hand in hand with its power is Amazon EC2's notoriously steep learning curve. We take the headache out of this providing our standard managed cPanel and WHM interface.

RDS Instances
Amazon RDS is Amazon's managed database service. Using this you can leverage database replication across availability zones, increasing reliability and redundancy but also performance. We recommend this for very large e-commerce stores or for sites where database performance is absolutely critical.

Microsoft Azure

Azure is Microsoft's premium cloud platform. You might think the platform was primarily for Windows, however more than half of the servers running on Azure run Linux rather than Microsoft's technologies. Microsoft are also the only cloud provider to have two datacentre locations in Africa, making it the natural choice to reach audiences on that continent.

Google Cloud Platform

Built on the infrastructure that runs the Google search engine, Google's Cloud Platform gives unparalleled computing performance with access to the fastest CPUs and latest server hardware. During scheduled maintenance of a Google data center, Google Cloud can automatically migrate servers from one host to another without involving any action from the users and without causing any downtime.


Founded in 2003, Linode are a competitively priced infrastructure provider. Linode’s mission remains unchanged since the day it began: to accelerate innovation by making cloud computing simple, affordable, and accessible to all. They have locations in Mumbai, Sydney, Amsterdam. Extra features include inline DDOS filtering to ensure sites stay online even when under serious attack.


DigitalOcean was founded in 2011 and is on a mission to simplify cloud computing. Digital Ocean run their cloud platform in some of the world's best connected and premium commercial data centres such as Equinix. They offer the most traditional form of cloud servers we offer and provide excellent value for money with fast, local SSD storage.


Our engineers are available any time to provide you support and you will never get interrupted with your business hosting.

Available round-the-clock

For all business and enterprise account clients can connect with their account manager at any time and for other clients can use support ticket.

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