Microsoft Data Center In Australia

Azure Australia Central Regions

Microsoft Azure is composed of a globally distributed datacenter infrastructure, supporting thousands of online services and spanning more than 100 highly secure facilities worldwide.

  • Security and compliance certified by the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) for OFFICIAL: Sensitive- and PROTECTED-level data
  • Delivered from the Australian-owned, secret-accredited facilities of Canberra Data Centres
  • Built for mission-critical applications supported by an open ecosystem of partners

Not all clouds are created equal

Delivered from Canberra Data Centres, an Australian-owned datacenter provider that serves the unique requirements of government and critical infrastructure.

Australia’s only cloud service provider operating from four geographically distributed locations across the country, designed for both high availability and disaster resilience.

The highest number of international and local security certifications, and SCEC Zone 4 certified, making the Australia Central Regions the most secure public cloud facility in Australia.

Committed to transparency in security assessments from leading auditors, so you can be confident in meeting compliance requirements.

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