Is your sensitive data secure on the cloud?

More than ever, cloud hosting has been at the zenith of IT trends since the beginning of 2020. There is a great change visible across the business sector in the initial inhibition in moving to the cloud, especially after the spread of the pandemic. This has made businesses dependent on the cloud, as it is the best possible solution to make remote work possible.

Still, there is an apprehension in the minds of entrepreneurs regarding the safety of cloud services. How secure is your critical data in a cloud platform? Let us discuss a few points regarding cloud security that may help businessmen to view cloud hosting in a new light.

Traditional Hosting

In traditional hosting, whole of the company data and websites are deployed on data centers built in the organization’s premises and can be easily accessed at your convenience. So, it gives a false security that the data is safe and cannot be accessed by anyone. So, entrepreneurs spent a lot of money on dedicated server hosting to enjoy security and freedom of work.

But, this type of hosting is not possible for startups and small scale businesses because of the high cost involved in it. So many of them won’t even give a try to hosting and a few others will end up in shared hosting. This is comparatively affordable than dedicated hosting, but not as safe because your data is stored along with other companies and also you would have to share the resources along with others. This would make our websites run slower and can affect our business indirectly.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting has come up as an excellent replacement for traditional hosting. In cloud hosting, your website is not stored on one single server, instead it is spread across various data centers across the globe, via internet.

In the first analysis, it seems scary for many as you don’t have any physical access to the stored data and is far away from the users. But, on the contrary, cloud is the most secure and reliable way of hosting till now. This is because you can have access to the latest security systems through the cloud at a very low cost.

Cloud security

Security is given primary importance in a cloud management system. As your data is shared along with that of other companies, strong encryption and identity management system are used to protect the privacy and confidentiality of data in a cloud.

Cloud hosting makes use of branded data centers and other infrastructure from leading brands like Google, Microsoft, AWS and DigitalOcean and companies can avail high quality service as per ‘pay as you use’ model. You need to pay only for the services and infrastructure used and it’s easy to scale up or scale down the resources according to your need. We at JachOOs, secure your website with free SSL certificates along with hosting so that there is no need for worry.

Importance of cloud hosting

The pandemic has already taught us the importance of cloud hosting in such critical situations to help businesses overcome the crisis. We have enough proof that it is only those businesses that has already equipped themselves for remote work has been able to survive the pandemic crisis. So, it is advisable for all businesses and organizations to migrate to cloud hosting at the earliest as it is the most reliable and secure web hosting option available at present.


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