Is GCP (google cloud platform) better than AWS (Amazon Web Services)

Google Cloud Platform is the undisputed champion.

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Google Cloud Platform controls 7.2 percent of the global cloud market.

Companies are still implementing cloud computing. You're not the only one looking for the extra advantages of cloud technologies, whether you use a single cloud service or migrate your entire infrastructure into a new cloud ecosystem.
There are many benefits to moving to the cloud, ranging from increased scalability, security, and flexibility to lower costs and fewer negative effects on the environment. Of course, the transition is more difficult now than it was before.
In recent years, one of the most searched-for keywords has been "cloud computing." But how do you select a reputable cloud service provider? Which is the least expensive? Which one offers the most services? Well, in this blog, we will discover the answers to all of these questions.

Google Cloud vs AWS

In the tech industry, these cloud powerhouses are well-known. For more than ten years, both businesses have dominated their respective fields. They are meticulous in their pursuit of innovation and excellence and are renowned as global leaders in their industry. Each of them possesses an abundance of knowledge about the tech sector that is nearly impossible to match. The fact that they have created industry-leading cloud computing platforms is not surprising with their respective technological backgrounds.

• Market Share
Nearly four years prior to Google, Amazon released its cloud computing platform, AWS . At the moment, Google Cloud Platform controls 7.2 percent of the global cloud market, while Amazon holds 52.7 percent of the market share. Market share leaders include Amazon, Azure, Alibaba, and Google Cloud. In 2021, the cloud market is expected to grow by 20%, according to Gartner.

• Pricing
Now that service costs are concerned, Google Cloud Platform is the undisputed champion. A 2CPU 8GB RAM instance on GCP costs $50 per month, compared to $69 on AWS (Amazon Web Services). In the same instance that you've chosen, you save 25%.
Additionally, you can save more money because Google Cloud Platform bills on a per-second basis while AWS bills on an hourly basis. Additionally, Google provides additional discounts for long-term usage and does not charge any upfront fees. Count on JachOOs to know more about the pricing and to avail the best Cloud Computing Services.

• Free Trials
Both Google Cloud Platform and AWS provide a 12-month free trial period for their respective free trials. Amazon charges differently depending on the product used, but Google offers a $300 credit that can be applied to any service. Google has a cool feature called Free Tier. It is not time-bound. Small instances can be kept running for many years at a very low cost. Google thus rules over Free Trial.

• Machine Type
A few things need to be taken into account when comparing machine types between Google Cloud and AWS. GCP succeeds in this category because it offers a broad range of customization options for any instance, in contrast to AWS's constrained customization options. In terms of the largest instance size, AWS offers one with 128 CPUs and 2TB of RAM, while GCP offers an instance with 96 CPUs and 1.4TB of RAM.

AWS vs. Google Cloud: Who thus wins in the end? Which should you pick?

Both cloud service providers, however, have their advantages and disadvantages. If we were, to sum up, this blog, we would say that although AWS has been on the market for far too long and has a sizable market share, this does not imply that Google is lagging. Despite being a new player, Google is expanding quickly, and with its amazing pricing, free tier, and machine learning capabilities, it will undoubtedly present a serious challenge to AWS and other cloud platforms. At JachOOs, we provide all the tools you need to build your business applications with Google Cloud Hosting and Application Hosting.

The most well-known and rapidly growing businesses in the Middle East choose AWS as their platform of choice. JachOOs is obliged to accept new challenges and provide limitless cloud web hosting to clients around the world. With offerings from Amazon Web Services, Digital Ocean, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud, JachOOs is a top supplier of cloud infrastructure in the United Arab Emirates.

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