How to select an effective web hosting provider?

An intuitive control panel helps the end user to manage the site effectively without depending on the web hosting provider even for making basic changes.

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A good web hosting company will ensure robust infrastructure that is essential to keep the user website safe from all potential harms and cyber threats.

If you are running an online business or planning to start a new one, it is very important to select a reliable web hosting provider. Because, website is the major platform through which you can make your online business successful. So, designing a suitable website with relevant theme, choosing and registering your domain name and selecting the best web hosting provider are three important factors that decide your growth and success in business.

Let’s discuss here a few important tips to find out the best web hosting provider, for making your business successful.

High bandwidth
High bandwidth helps website users to download and upload greater amounts of data without interruption. This will result in greater customer satisfaction and increased profit for your website.

Low down time
One of the major features to check in a web host is high uptime. It is the total time during which a website remains active. If your website remains down for most of the time it will lead to a loss of potential customers, decrease in sales and ultimately a low return on investment (ROI). Web hosting providers like JachOOs gives 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Less loading time
If a website takes too much time to load, users will naturally get frustrated and leave the site. This may be due to increased traffic or lack of optimization. With a good web hosting service you can solve such problems.

User friendly control panel
An intuitive control panel helps the end user to manage the site effectively without depending on the web host provider for making even basic changes. At JachOOs, you have access to leading cPanel that gives you complete control over the website.

High security features
A good web hosting company will ensure robust infrastructure that is essential to keep the user website safe from all potential harms and cyber threats. There are various high end security features available now like SSL certificate and SpamExpert Spam Filter that keeps your website safe, which are provided by many web hosting providers.

Low renewal price
Most companies offer web hosting services at a very low initial cost and later increase the price during monthly or yearly renewal. This is part of a common marketing strategy. So, make a detailed analysis of such hidden charges before selecting your web hosting provider.

High storage space
High storage space is a basic necessity for today’s websites as it needs to cater to the increasing demands from users across the globe. Also, there should be an option to scale up or down your storage space as per the demand.

Latest software/tool updates
The best web hosting service provider will offer its customers latest software updates that are necessary for a smooth and seamless functioning of the website. If you are not receiving such updates from your current web host, it is time to migrate to a better web hosting provider.

Adequate backups
Data is a vital component of every business and companies all over the world have suffered a great deal due to sudden loss of data as a result of unforeseen situations. That is why regular backups are very essential. Make sure you get at least one backup per day. As the leading web hosting company in UAE, JachOOs provides 2 backups per day for our customers.

Server maintenance and monitoring
Uninterrupted server maintenance and monitoring is an added advantage to check in a web hosting provider. JachOOs is very keen in offering continuous server monitoring and also shares the information for transparency.

Add on domains
The best web hosting provider will offer customized hosting packages that allows you to use multiple domains and subdomains without taking extra effort or spending additional amount. JachOOs provides unlimited cloud hosting on branded datacenters to our clients with options for hosting unlimited domains and sub domains.

Auto script installer
This feature allows you to create or edit a blog or website page without prior experience in HTML or coding. Thus, you can have a certain amount of control and mastery over your website without depending on the service provider for making every minute changes.

Good technical support
Availability of an experienced technical team is a major quality that can be expected in a trusted web hosting company. Such a team would be able to diagnose complex website issues within no time and offer expert solutions to keep your business moving.

Customer care
Good customer support is the most important part of any service. Even if your web hosting provider has excellent hosting features, it won’t reach you at the needed time if their customer service is not up to the desired level. So, ensure your web host is prompt in offering 24/7 phone and chat support, as we cannot predict when an outage occurs.

So, before selecting your web hosting provider check for the above features so that you will have a website that functions optimally. This also helps your website users to have a hassle free experience. As this keeps your website more engaging with increased traffic, you will also be able to stay ahead of your competitors.

If you are on the search for a reliable web hosting service provider who can offer all the above mentioned features at reasonable rates, send us a message or use the given chat support to avail a quote at the earliest. You may also choose from our customized plans and add to your cart by registering with us.

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