Google to revolutionize Cloud Computing Through Open-Source Partnerships

Google to revolutionize Cloud Computing Through Open-Source PartnershipsWith an emphasis on fully managed open-source databases and community-driven innovation, Google Cloud has been a reliable provider of computational necessities over the cloud for more than a decade. Google Cloud Platform was launched by google in 2008 with the aim to provide a platform for developers to run their web applications and also to allow them to easily scale their apps when it needs to handle growing traffic. Today it boasts a wide range of products and services that provide computing infrastructure to small as well as large Companies like Verizon, Twitch Interactive, LinkedIn, PayPal, etc.


So, what is Cloud Computing exactly? It is the on-demand supply of computing resources over the internet for a prize based on the resource you use and the services you choose. Most companies use it as a way to save money and resources that would be needed to purchase and maintain computer hardware by renting the required computing power and services from a Cloud service provider. Apart from being cost-effective, it is also greatly flexible, so you can easily scale up or down your services according to your needs.


Faster, Secure, Reliable


Google Cloud Platform is the fastest growing service out there when compared to its competitors, Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure, and open-source has a lot to do with this. There is a reason why Linux is greatly used in servers and IoT devices because it is more secure and more adaptable compared to operating systems like Windows and Mac. Being open source, the software has a huge number of developers working on it to make it as secure and user-friendly as possible, on top of that the latest technologies are usually introduced in open-source software and it takes months, maybe years, for them to be used it their paid alternatives and that is exactly the case with GCP.


It is no secret that even AWS and Azure make use of a lot of open-source software, but they usually use the code and give it their twist to make it appear as their own. Google here is taking a stance that had greatly benefitted it in the past. By partnering with numerous top open-source data management and analytics companies to integrate their products into GCP, google aims to give its customers a seamless user experience and make it simple for them to use these open-source technologies within the Google Cloud Platform.


Google’s this stand also serves as a reminder of how its approach contrasts with Amazon’s. Unlike Amazon which uses open-source software and packages them as its brand without contributing to the source code, Google by partnering with them is giving them the initiative to continue working on more such cutting-edge software.


In addition to partnering with open-source management companies, many of GCP’s Cloud Services have open-source origins. Services like Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) that were originally developed as open-source are now one of the core services provided by Google Cloud Platform. Kubernetes is a portable, extensible, open-source platform that automates operational tasks of container management and easily helps the developer to deploy, roll out changes, scale your application, monitor it, etc. Google uses these functions that make deploying and maintaining apps over the web hassle-free and streamlines it using Google's infrastructure.


Other services that Google Cloud Platform offers are no less interesting, it provides great computing power through its services like Compute Engine, App Engine, Container Engine, container Registry, Cloud Pub/Sub, etc. All these services along with the powerful virtual machines that Google uses to host the Websites and Applications let its customers provide the best experience to its users. These services also give customers the peace of mind that their services are running on the same servers as the ones that run Google’s own services like YouTube and Google Search.


In terms of its cost-to-resource ratio too we can see that Google has the upper hand, even though they had not been in this business for as long as its major competitors, Google prices its services competitively.




To conclude, Google Cloud Platform is undoubtedly one of the most effective and competentCloud services out there and with the way it is progressing with its support for open-source, it is bound to be the obvious choice in the near future and at Jachoos we have already embraces the future through unlimited cloud services.

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