Technology & Hosting Features | Jachoos

JachOOs® uses latest technology to provide fast and reliable hosting which is not burdened by legacy systems, everything we offer is designed to be future-proof.

We describe Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. All the servers are managed centrally and configured identically.

  • Centrally managed servers.
  • Market leading cPanel control panel.
  • All leading branded data centers world wide.

No Human Error

JachOOs integrates Ansible to control entire configuration status of the server centrally. Rules are configured in the network HQ and coded to roll out to the systems.


The Softaculous Auto-installer is added to every web server. 200+ applications can be added and configured in one click.


We’re proud to offer a free migration service to all new customers for business web hosting on cloud platforms under 100% renewable energy branded datacenters with latest infrastructure technologies. Our unique services include backup and high-end firewall security to protect servers from hacking and DDoS attack, which give our clients PEACE OF MIND.


We offer truly unlimited hosting. Obviously, physical servers have capacity, but we automatically add additional space and memory to servers when required.

Daily Offsite Backups

Daily offsite backups are included free with every plan. We use JetBackup to allow you self-restores and browsing within your cPanel control panel.

Application Optimised

No need to spend more for an application optimized host. Every server is designed to run applications fast, with a handful of tools.

WordPress Optimized

All hosting platforms are specifically built for optimized and managed WordPress environment. you can install WordPress through Quick Install powered by Softaculous

To make our server deployment as streamlined as possible, we have combined some of the most powerful automation and management tools and techniques available today.

Infrastructure as a Service

Each server begins by being defined as a terraform configuration. This allows us to both provision a server on numerous cloud providers in seconds, but also provision the various requirements (licenses, DNS configurations, etc.) completely programatically, with no human intervention required.

Server Security

Our security specialists will make sure all servers are fire-walled, all applications and OS are promptly updated and all the files hosted on servers are protected from viruses and malware.

Automated Configurations

Once a server has been created, its details will be passed onto ansible, where a consistent configuration is applied. From security profiles to email configurations, all of our servers begin life with a carefully designed and automatically applied configuration.

Persistent Disk

Your hosted files are stored on latest persistent disk, which is designed for high durability. It stores data redundantly to ensure data integrity. Independent Volumes.

Global Cloud Management

Infrastructure at a global scale requires global scale management. Our management tools are spread across multiple locations to ensure that we can control our systems as efficiently as possible. This lets us keep your sites running smoothly, no matter where they're located.

Server Up-time Monitoring

We are using our own and external up time monitoring applications, and publicly share the information with you for the transparency.